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Why choose Hongyao?
Provide you with good product hardware stamping and mold solutions
Why choose Hongyao
Specialized in metal stamping and die manufacturing for many years
As a company specializing in metal stamping and mold manufacturing for many years, it depends on word of mouth and integrity. Why can we retain the hearts of our customers? It is because we promise our customers that we will do it! Customers trust us! Thanks to many old customers who have grown with us. We cannot meet all the requirements of our customers, but we promise our customers to do it.
Focus on good quality, combining industrial design and hardware technology
Our company has a complete hardware technology supply chain system and a combination of materials processing methods: stamping, CNC, forging, and etching. Surface treatment involves various appearance surface treatments such as anode (polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting), PVD vacuum coating. Each batch of manufactured products has a test report.
Perfect management system and production process ensure fast delivery
Under the same competitive conditions, our company sincerely provides customers with preferential prices without reducing product performance and ensuring product quality.
Guarantee fast, effective and complete delivery to the designated place within the signed date, guarantee that it will not affect your company's delivery requirements.
Hongyao lighting, perfect service for customers
Taking customers' interests as the starting point and thinking for customers.
Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate and thoughtful.
Service target: Service quality wins customer satisfaction.
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About Hongyao Lighting
About Hongyao
Dongguan Hongyao Lighting Co., Ltd.
Located in Qinghu Industrial Zone, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, it is a company specializing in metal stamping and die design and manufacturing. Originally established Dongguan Hongzhong Precision Mould Processing Store, and was early committed to mold design, mold manufacturing, and mold assembly. Since the establishment of the company, in line with the business philosophy of integrity management and win-win cooperation, it has quickly received the favor and attention of our customers. Dongguan Hongyao Lighting Co., Ltd.
The company has a complete system of mold development, design, processing and manufacturing. Hardware stamping manufacturers can produce all kinds of keyboard stamping factories, Dongguan hardware stamping products. Currently, it mainly involves radiators (Sony PS3 game consoles), mobile phone frames (stamping , CNC type, forging type), speaker panel category, domestic and foreign racing modified series (nameplate, water tank, fuel tank, exhaust pipe), keyboard (diaphragm hardware, notebook ...
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    Hongyao Customization Process Introduction
    Introduction customization process
    Introduction of Hongyao Custom Process

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    Detailed measures to reduce the probability of damage to metal stamping parts
    The service life of metal molds is related to many factors such as mold structure design, mold steel selection, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining grinding, wire cutting technology, stamping equipment, stamping materials and processes, mold lubrication, poor level of maintenance and repair. Wherein the die failure caused by various factors, the mold structure is not reasonable, improper selection about 25%, about 45% of improper heat treatment, the process about the subject ...
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    Metal stamping FAQ

    Metal stamping manufacturers to explain you, metal stamping parts Notes: 1 die design rational: In the progressive die, the material of the order of the arrangement may affect stamping. ...
    Stamping is located in one of the four auto manufacturing processes, automotive body stampings as a basis for quality assurance, and its quality is directly related to the merits of the entire car, so it's important ...
    Mold press and various specialized tools installed on the press used. The desired braking pressure is applied on the metal material formed using the metal mold in industrial production often ...
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